What is Medicare?

Generally, Medicare is health insurance for seniors, age 65 and older. However, there are exceptions for people who are on social security as well.

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Medicare does not cover dental. However, we can discuss MAPD plans that do offer dental coverage.

How Do I Apply For Medicare?

Applying for Medicare can be a very challenging and confusing process. We have years of experience and we are here to guide you through the process at no cost to you!

What Is The Difference Between Medicare And Medicaid?

Medicare is for individuals 65 & older, while Medicaid is for anyone who meets a certain level of income.

What does Medicare Part B Cover?

Medicare Part B helps cover medically necessary services like doctors’ services and tests, outpatient care, home health services, durable medical equipment, and other medical services.

How Much Does Medicare Cost?

Part A is no cost so long as you have worked and contributed to Medicare for 40 quarters. Part B varies depending on your income.

What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

Medicare Part A hospital insurance covers inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facility, hospice, lab tests, surgery, home health care.

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids or exams for fitting hearing aids. However, we can offer MAPD plans that offer coverage for hearing aids.

How Old do You Have to be to get Medicare?

You are eligible for Medicare at 65 years old. There are exceptions for people with disabilities.